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Seriously Smiley | Sarnia newborn photographer

Some babies are so smiley!!! A baby grin can always melt your heart and put you in a cheerful mood 🙂 I’m looking forward to opening back up soon and getting to see these awesome little people again, I miss my tiny clients!!!

newborn baby posed in London ontario at McCarthy Photography

Newborn Session Style | London baby photographer

Nothing more beautiful that a newborn session with a simple styled colour palette!!! Gahhhhh……..this wee little girl had such petite and perfect features 🙂 I love how wonderfully all of these images go together, they’d make the perfect collage on a nursery wall.

London Ontario newborn photographer

Sessions for your Newborn with McCarthy Photography

Sessions are a breeze to reserve for your newborn. Some parents will reserve a spot well ahead of time, in the second trimester. I totally understand that this is a new and busy time for expecting moms and not all arrange a spot ahead of time. I do try to leave some openings for last minute sessions but that’s not always possible. Just like any business there are some slow weeks and then there are crazy busy weeks. I’ve had to turn away moms in those really busy weeks so to avoid disappointment be sure to send a quick email ahead of time and we can get your little one on the reserved list. I know that babies come on their own timeline so I don’t schedule anything up front (unless you have a predetermined c-section date). What I do is take on a limited number of reservations based on baby’s due date and we schedule once baby is born. Some moms go early and some go late so it usually all evens out 🙂 I do take a small retainer to secure your spot and this will be taken off of the balance of your newborn session which is due on the day of your session. It’s one thing that you can check off of your to do list early 🙂 Who doesn’t want squishy gorgeous images of their little one in those first early weeks.

Newborn sessions in London ontario by McCarthy Photography

London Baby Photographer | Reserve your London Newborn Session Early

London Baby Photography, sweet squish baby girl in the studio. I have a love of neutrals, that’s no secret, but I do love a pop of soft colour every once and awhile. Muted soft colours are so timeless and classic. Also looks great with baby skin 🙂

Remember that you can reserve your newborn spot ahead of time so that there is no panic once baby is born. I try to leave some availability for last minute spots but its not always a guarantee.

London Baby Photographer

London Ontario Photography | McCarthy Photography

Gahhhhhh, I’m in love with the simple cream and pink palette for this newborn session, London Ontario photography. I have a wonderful home studio just 3km outside of London Ontario in Kilworth and it is the perfect little space for these sessions. When you a newborn session with McCarthy Photography, we can tailor the colours of the session to your liking! Email us to reserve your newborn spot today!!

newborn photo gallery of baby girl in London Ontario by McCarthy Photography

Sibling poses | London Ontario Photographer

Newborns and Sibling Sessions

Hi, I’m Natasha and I’m obsessed with newborn photography…….lol……..well I am but that’s not what this post is about.  It’s about sibling poses in a newborn session.  I’m a London Ontario Photographer that specializes in newborn and baby portraiture. I love to keep it fairly simple with newborns and try to focus on the baby.  We do have some basis props but I tend to gravitate to the more organic and neutral items, while also doing pops of colour here and there.

My sessions include a lot of newborn sessions that involve a sibling. These are by far my most challenging sessions but they are stunning and by far the most favourite images for the family. I know that once I had my second child I loved getting the two of them together, no matter if they were smiling, laughing or crying, just the interaction of the two of them together filled my heart with love.  That’s why I don’t sweat the small stuff with sibling images. I know that just having these precious ones together is important and I try to incorporate poses that are not stressful on the sibling, especially if they are under the age of 4.

Adding a sibling to a session definitely requires more time and we have to take things slow for sure. There is also a lot of behind the scenes editing required for this part of the session since you can bet that there will be multiple head swaps. It’s a process but the end product is awesome!!!

London ontario newborn and sibling images

McCarthy Photography | Chatham Kent Newborn & Baby Photographer

I get a lot of clients from the Chatham area, I’m actually lucky to live in a city that is surrounded by other wonderful areas.  This sweet little man was handsome and oh so happy 🙂  Everyone loves baby smiles and I love capturing them.  Sometimes I’ll wait when I start to see those fluttery, roll in the back of your head baby eyes that are a dead giveaway that a baby smile is about to emerge.  9 out of 10 times they don’t disappoint and I’ll be able to catch one.

chatham baby photography

Strathroy Newborn Photographer | McCarthy Photography

Oh my word this little guy was so beautiful!!!  Lips of perfection and oh so sleepy and calm.  It’s funny because some babies are oh so chill and relaxed while others are not 🙂  They are all so different, and I’m so lucky to capture each and every one of them.  We do all of our sessions in a home studio in Kilworth Ontario and we have families come from all over Ontario, such as Ancaster, Hamilton, Brantford, Woodstock, Kitchener, Cambridge, Sarnia, Strathroy, Windsor, Chatham, Ingersoll, and many more!!!

Strathroy newborn photographer

McCarthy Photography | Newborn & Baby Photographer

If you are looking for a premier photographer in London Ontario, please don’t hesitate to send us an email!  Such an organic feel to this little guy’s newborn session. Love the neutrals with a pop colour.  I loved all of the wrapping in this session as well.  Sometimes wrapping a newborn will keep them extra calm and sleepy which is great for getting the maximum amount of images out of a session.  This is also great for touchy babies that don’t settle well.

Newborn photography London Ontario

London Ontario Photographer | Newborn & Baby Photography

All of my newborn sessions are done here in my home studio, in the London Ontario area.  It’s an amazing job and I get a chance to work with some wonderful families!  Such a wonderful session……this little one was so good to me!

London Ontario newborn photographer

Photographer in London Ontario | Newborn Photography

It’s amazing to be a photographer in London Ontario! We truly experience all of the seasons and our weather can go from one extreme to the other 🙂 The little newborn was in for a session and was a cozy and warm. So sweet and peaceful.

For newborn sessions, I do try to keep some last minute availability as I know that things come up and there is a lot to think about before your baby is born. Most of the sessions that I do are moms that book ahead to ensure their session spot, but don’t hesitate to at least email and ask about last minute bookings. If I’ve got a spot, we’ll get you in. You don’t want to miss out on this very short time frame. They are only squishy and sleepy for so long and those tiny little features change so fast!!


London Ontario Photographer | McCarthy Photography

I’m so lucky to have such great clients that come in to my home studio, which is just outside of London Ontario. It’s amazing to be able to work from home and my little newborn studio is the perfect size for these little beauties.

I can’t believe how sweet and tiny this little one was!! Such beautiful little girly girl 🙂 Also love how her newborn session was colour coordinated.

Baby and newborn photographer in London Ontario

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