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Newborns and Sibling Sessions

Hi, I’m Natasha and I’m obsessed with newborn photography…….lol……..well I am but that’s not what this post is about.  It’s about sibling poses in a newborn session.  I’m a London Ontario Photographer that specializes in newborn and baby portraiture. I love to keep it fairly simple with newborns and try to focus on the baby.  We do have some basis props but I tend to gravitate to the more organic and neutral items, while also doing pops of colour here and there.

My sessions include a lot of newborn sessions that involve a sibling. These are by far my most challenging sessions but they are stunning and by far the most favourite images for the family. I know that once I had my second child I loved getting the two of them together, no matter if they were smiling, laughing or crying, just the interaction of the two of them together filled my heart with love.  That’s why I don’t sweat the small stuff with sibling images. I know that just having these precious ones together is important and I try to incorporate poses that are not stressful on the sibling, especially if they are under the age of 4.

Adding a sibling to a session definitely requires more time and we have to take things slow for sure. There is also a lot of behind the scenes editing required for this part of the session since you can bet that there will be multiple head swaps. It’s a process but the end product is awesome!!!

sibling poses in London Ontario

McCarthy Photography | Chatham Kent Newborn & Baby Photographer

I get alot of clients from the Chatham area, I’m actually lucky to live in a city that is surrounded by other wonderful areas.  This sweet little man was handsome and oh so happy 🙂  Everyone loves baby smiles and I love capturing them.  Sometimes I’ll wait when I start to see those fluttery, roll in the back of your head baby eyes that are a dead giveaway that a baby smile is about to emerge.  9 out of 10 times they don’t disappoint and I’ll be able to catch one.

chatham baby photography

Strathroy Newborn Photographer | McCarthy Photography

Oh my word this little guy was so beautiful!!!  Lips of perfection and oh so sleepy and calm.  It’s funny because some babies are oh so chill and relaxed while others are not 🙂  They are all so different, and I’m so lucky to capture each and every one of them.  We do all of our sessions in a home studio in Kilworth Ontario and we have families come from all over Ontario, such as Ancaster, Hamilton, Brantford, Woodstock, Kitchener, Cambridge, Sarnia, Strathroy, Windsor, Chatham, Ingersoll, and many more!!!

strathroy newborn photographer

McCarthy Photography | Newborn & Baby Photographer

If you are looking for a premier photographer in London Ontario, please don’t hesitate to send us an email!  Such an organic feel to this little guy’s newborn session. Love the neutrals with a pop colour.  I loved all of the wrapping in this session as well.  Sometimes wrapping a newborn will keep them extra calm and sleepy which is great for getting the maximum amount of images out of a session.  This is also great for touchy babies that don’t settle well.

photography collage of newborn session

Photographer in London Ontario | Newborn Photography

It’s amazing to be a photographer in London Ontario! We truly experience all of the seasons and our weather can go from one extreme to the other 🙂 The little newborn was in for a session and was a cozy and warm. So sweet and peaceful.

For newborn sessions, I do try to keep some last minute availability as I know that things come up and there is a lot to think about before your baby is born. Most of the sessions that I do are moms that book ahead to ensure their session spot, but don’t hesitate to at least email and ask about last minute bookings. If I’ve got a spot, we’ll get you in. You don’t want to miss out on this very short time frame. They are only squishy and sleepy for so long and those tiny little features change so fast!!


London Ontario Photographer | McCarthy Photography

I’m so lucky to have such great clients that come in to my home studio, which is just outside of London Ontario. It’s amazing to be able to work from home and my little newborn studio is the perfect size for these little beauties.

I can’t believe how sweet and tiny this little one was!! Such beautiful little girly girl 🙂 Also love how her newborn session was colour coordinated.

Box Session | London Ontario Christmas Photography Sessions

Also check out these Christmas Photo sessions – room for children and family – https://mccarthyphotography.ca/holiday-mini-sessions/

I’m so excited about these new Christmas Photography sessions!!!!  Every child loves to play in a box and these box sessions are so much fun for them.  No posing, no pressure, just freedom to be a kid!!!!

You can do your session with props or without, there are samples below.  It’s best with bright clothing or comfy christmas jammies.  I even have some holiday jammies here in a couple of sizes if you need to borrow!  Santa can make a surprise appearance in your collage if you’d like, don’t worry, Santa has been photographed in the box ahead of time and won’t be present to scare your little ones 🙂

Session is good for children that are sitting age (approx 6 months) up to 10/12 years old, this is not sized for adults.

You can do your session with or without holiday props and with or without Santa, it’s customized to you!!


Here is a sample of one without props and one with props.  See image below for pricing and what is included. **Please note that a number of images are taken during the session for different positions in the box and the photographer will choose the images that fit the best for the final collage.

Click the schedule button below and you will be able to see what dates and times are available.
If nothing is showing up, that date has sold out.   *****Please note that the online scheduler allows for times to be in multiple carts at once, the first to finalize and checkout will secure the session spot.

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holiday mini in white boxholiday minis white box

christmas mini sessions in london ontario



Sweet Squish | London Photographer | Ontario Newborn & Maternity Photography

This little guy was an absolute dream for this London Photographer and he smiled so much!!!  All photographers love it when this happens 🙂  Love this cute little teddy bear hat.  I’ve learned how to knit and its so satisfying to make your own creations.  I’m also a little on the impatient side so its great to just run out and grab some yarn and knit before bed instead of waiting weeks for it to arrive.

If you are interested in booking a session check out our pricing page https://mccarthyphotography.ca/pricing-info/.

london photographerlondon ontario photographerlondon ontario newborn and maternity photographeyangora knitted bear in newborn sessionnewborn posing

London Ontario Photographer | Newborn & Maternity Photography | McCarthy Photography

Being a photographer has to be one of the best jobs ever.  Every one is so grateful to finally have their little bundle and are oh so in love with the newest member of the family 🙂  I love meeting all of these new families and capturing the first memories for them.  I often end up smiling as I’m editing…..seriously who wouldn’t smile when you see a newborn grinning at you!!!

It’s so important to have your newborn photographer session done within the first 10 days or so.  This is when they are so sleepy and content with being posed and moved from pose to pose.  I always send out an email on how to prepare for your session that focuses on getting baby ready.  Simple things like ensuring that you dress baby in something that opens from the front instead of having to pull clothing over their head,  and feeding baby just before getting in the car, will help with keeping baby asleep.

newborn baby girl with knit teddy bearnewborn photographer composite floral treenewborn photographer poses baby in a tree branchphotographer that uses angora knit teddy bear hatsphotographer that knits angora teddy bear props

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