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 Newborn Sessions

There is nothing cuter than a newborn baby resting comfortably in a sling, then hand it from and branch and well you’ve got super cuteness!!  This is of course a composite image, this means that the baby is always supported by either mom or dads hands and I take multiple shots to edit and put together to achieve this look.  Baby should always be secure and safe, its a top priority.  I think the best part about this business, well aside from the adorable babies, is the creativity and the simple and comfortable props.

I like my sessions to be relaxed and comfortable for both parents and baby.  I am extremely patient and I am never in a rush when in a session.  I want mom and dad to relax and not worry whether or not the baby is sleeping, eventually the little bundle will fall into a nice deep sleep, I’m always sure that I can wait them out :).  I’ve had many sessions where mom and dad are so grateful for the extra time and patience that I put into my sessions.  I am thankful for all of the wonderful parents that trust me with their most special gift, it is something that I am proud of and I hope that comes out in the images.

I love both classic neutral images as well as colourful simple prop images.  As long as baby is comfy and looks peaceful, I am happy.

London Newborn Photography | 8 days new

London Newborn Baby Photography

This squishy newborn boy was such a great little guy and so easy to pose and photograph.  I love the natural feel of the wood and was so excited that he gave us a great big smile, there’s nothing better than a baby smile.

All of my newborn sessions are different, some parents want to be in the images, some want to focus only on the newborn, some sessions are all natural colours and some are filled with colour.  Some use lots of props and some are all blanket posing.  I usually setup each session with a mixture of natural, some colour, some blanket posing and some props.  It’s a good variety and works with my natural workflow.

I always start out with baby on a blanket setup.  These are a good test to see how soundly and deeply the baby is sleeping.  Once baby is in a good deep sleep I usually move onto some prop posing.  Everything of course revolves around keeping baby happy and comfy.  Some babies love to be on their tummies while others love to be wrapped up and posed on their back, they are all so different and they all have their own comfort levels and preferences even at this young newborn age.  The important thing to remember is that they are only this small for such a limited time and newborn photography can only be done once.

The best time for baby’s first session is 10 days and under.  To check out photography pricing please visit the pricing page



London newborn photographerLondon Newborn PhotographerLondon Baby Photography

London Baby and Newborn Photography

London Baby Photography

I am so excited to be moving to the London, Ontario area!!!  We are all packed up and move next week!  I will start photography sessions in my new location at the middle/end of September.  During my downtime I will be doing catchup on the blog for all of the family, child, baby and newborn photo sessions that I’ve done but haven’t blogged about.  That should keep me busy while I’m setting up my new space 🙂  While we have never lived in the London area, my husband has worked there and has been commuting from Brantford every day and we both went to school in there as well.  I am excited, the kids are excited (but a little nervous) and hubby is excited about the extra time at home instead of on the road.

This little girl celebrated her first birthday with a session and a cake smash at the end.  She was shy at first but warmed up 🙂  Super cutie pie!!!

Baby Photographer London OntarioBaby Photographer London OntarioBaby Photographer London OntarioBaby Photographer London OntarioBaby Photographer London OntarioNewborn Baby Photographer London OntarioBaby Photographer London OntarioBaby Photographer London Ontario

If you live in the London area and are in need of a newborn photographer, please send me an email to setup a session.

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London Newborn Photographer | McCarthy Photography

London Newborn Photography

Newborn, baby and maternity photography is a passion of mine.  There is nothing more sweet or innocent than a brand new baby.  Doing this day and and day out is hard and often sweaty work (parents who have had a  session can relate ) but it is so rewarding and beats any other job out there.   I often think of how lucky I am to be able to do something that I love and something that is a happy occasion.  Parents are often tired when coming here (who isn’t tired with a new baby in the house) but they are sooooo looking forward to it.  I remember getting my babies photos done and I couldn’t wait to see those images, I was exhausted, tired and super busy as a brand new mom but I was so excited to see those images for the first time.  I still love looking at them and remembering how small they were, those tiny little features and those gorgeous little lips 🙂

I love how this family personalized their  photography session…..I’ve had others personalize with guitars, golf bags, custom motorcycle helmets, lacrosse sticks, handmade blankets and various sports helmets.  Anything that is special to you will do.  Colours are another way to spice up your session…if the babys room is done in browns and creams, we can do setups that would complement that, if its shades of pinks, we can do that to.  Just let me know ahead of time so that the blankets, props and backgrounds can be ready for your big photography day.   Newborn pictures at this age is a once in a lifetime thing so I want to make sure yours is special and the photos are cherished forever.


london newborn photographer

London Ontario Newborn photos



McCarthy Photography | London Newborn Photographer

london newborn photographylondon newborn babybaby posed on a rolled up blanket

Make sure to book your newborn photo session as soon as baby is born.

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New Newborn Birth Announcements Designs

I’ve just done up some new designs for newborn birth announcements.  I love the soft and sweet look of the first two, if I had a baby girl these would be the colours of her room……so girly and cute.newborn images, baby photographyMcCarthy Photographynewborn birth announcement templatelondon birth announcement templatephotoshop newborn template in Brantford, Ontario

Custom Birth Announcements

Clients love these customized birth announcements.  These are delivered as a digital file and are sized for 5×7 printing……….makes it easy for printing and handing out to friends and family or emailing out to all of your loved ones.

baby announcementsbirth announcement in bluesphotography photoshop templatebirth photographyAncaster newborn imagescustom birth announcement

London Ontario Newborn Photography | McCarthy Photography

This little girl was such a beauty.  So delicate and wonderful in every way.  I get a lot of requests for the hanging branch shot and its one of my favorites 🙂

baby girl ina sling on a wooden branchnewborn baby posed with hands to her face and wrapped in purplesweet 10 day old baby on a yellow blanket in London ontarionewborn baby all curled up and sleeping in St Thomas Ontariobaby girl posed in a wooden bowl

Newborn photography in London ontario, McCarthy photography specializing in family, newborn, baby and maternity sessions.

Komoka Newborn Photographer | sweet baby toes

Lovely little girl with perfect little newborn toes.  I loooove newborn toes 🙂

photo of newborn baby feetbaby girl, photography sessionlondons premier newborn photographerbaby images

Photo sessions are done in my home studio in London Ontario, newborn sessions are done within the first 10 days of life.  McCarthy Photography is London’s premiere newborn photographer.

Newborn Photography in London Ontario | Lovely Baby

Newborns are such a pleasure to photograph.  There isn’t a better job in the world than spending time with these wonderful new people.  I’ve been getting a fair number of requests for older babies, past the two week stage.  Ultimately newborns should be photographed under the 14 day mark in order to get those curly sleepy poses.  After this point they become more awake and less tolerant to the positions.  I do realize that life happens and sometimes its not possible to even get out of the house in the first two weeks.   The next stage that is great for a photography session is just as baby is sitting up (but before they can crawl away).  Generally between 6-8 months.  They are so wonderfully curious with gorgeous big eyes and bubbly smiles………its a great stage.newborn baby having photo session donebaby boy having photo session done in london, ontarionewborn at first photography appointmentMcCarthy Photography from London, OntarioMcCarthy photography from Woodstock ontario

Oakville Newborn Photographer | Twins are Twice as Nice

I couldn’t have asked for a bigger and brighter smile from a proud big brother.  Beautiful family and oh so loving with each other.  There really is nothing better than seeing an excited family and their children.newborn twin photo sessionnewborn twins in a nestnewborn boy twins huggingMcCarthy Photography baby session

Disney vacation and Disney cruise

Below are some images from our latest vacation.  We are Disney lovers and always enjoy our time here.  I have so many images from our Disney trips and I love looking back and watching our kids grow up on these family trips.  This time we did a split stay – 5 nights on land at the Disney Polynesian Resort, then 4 nights on the Disney Dream (this was our first cruise ever), then 2 nights at Disneys Port Orleans.  It was wonderful!  I was worried about the cruise part since it was our first one and I wasn’t sure if we would be the cruise type……….we are so used to doing the parks where there is so much activity.

The kids loved the Polynesian resort!  The pool was fantastic and our room was lovely.  The parks were fun, the kids got to see the new Fantasyland and we did all of our favorite rides.

We drove the hour to Port Canaveral and we were stunned at how large the ship was.  Reid was speechless and that child is never speechless 🙂  We loved how they announced our family name as we boarded and the cast members cheered…….the kids thought that was so special.  Our room was gorgeous and we loved sitting out on the balcony watching the waves go by, even better with a glass of wine.

The best was the kids club.  They had themed areas that were bright, cheery and full of stuff for the kids.  We would go to pick them up and they would ask to stay.  They met so many friends and the staff on the ship was amazing with them.  This was the first vacation where we had lots of adult time and could truly relax……….total opposite from the parks.  You could be as busy as you wanted, there were lots of activities if you wanted to participate or you could shop, lounge or nap 🙂

Disney’s private island was the highlight of our trip.  The beach was beautiful, water was calm and the kids loved that the fish would just swim right up to you!  Ethan try snorkelling for the first time and did so well!  You don’t have to worry about getting beach chairs or shade or food, everything is right there and setup for you.  It was heaven.

We enjoyed our trip so much that we booked another while onboard and are looking forward to it!

our disney cruise to Castaway Cay

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