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Sweet Squish | London Photographer | Ontario Newborn & Maternity Photography

This little guy was an absolute dream for this London Photographer and he smiled so much!!!  All photographers love it when this happens 🙂  Love this cute little teddy bear hat.  I’ve learned how to knit and its so satisfying to make your own creations.  I’m also a little on the impatient side so its great to just run out and grab some yarn and knit before bed instead of waiting weeks for it to arrive.

If you are interested in booking a session check out our pricing page https://mccarthyphotography.ca/pricing-info/.

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London Ontario Photographer | Newborn & Maternity Photography | McCarthy Photography

Being a photographer has to be one of the best jobs ever.  Every one is so grateful to finally have their little bundle and are oh so in love with the newest member of the family 🙂  I love meeting all of these new families and capturing the first memories for them.  I often end up smiling as I’m editing…..seriously who wouldn’t smile when you see a newborn grinning at you!!!

It’s so important to have your newborn photographer session done within the first 10 days or so.  This is when they are so sleepy and content with being posed and moved from pose to pose.  I always send out an email on how to prepare for your session that focuses on getting baby ready.  Simple things like ensuring that you dress baby in something that opens from the front instead of having to pull clothing over their head,  and feeding baby just before getting in the car, will help with keeping baby asleep.

newborn baby girl with knit teddy bearnewborn photographer composite floral treenewborn photographer poses baby in a tree branchphotographer that uses angora knit teddy bear hatsphotographer that knits angora teddy bear props

Tillsonburg Newborn Photographer | McCarthy Photography

Oh boy, this newborn had the absolute best smile!  It’s so great to be able to capture this for parents.  I’m loving the furry, fuzzy fabrics lately.  It adds so much texture!

I often have parents ask if I take last minute bookings…….Yes, I always do my best to fit in last minute bookings when possible.  Always email as it doesn’t hurt to ask 🙂

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Cake Smash Photography | London Ontario

Sweet little guy gave some serious looks as well as some great smiles during his cake smash session.  His cake was absolutely beautiful and he enjoyed the icing very much 🙂  With this session I usually start out with some plain images of your little one in an outfit, just so that they can warm up to the situation.  Then we move into the smashing of the cake!!!

These sessions last just long enough for baby to get tired of me and the whole picture taking situation.  It’s comical how after 20 mins or so they are all done.  That’s why I try to move fast, to change it up for them so they don’t get bored.  Let’s face it, these 1 year olds have just become really mobile and they do not want to sit still for long, I can’t really blame them.

baby eating cake sessionbaby cake smash sessioncake smash photography sessionfirst year photo sessionlondon ontario cake smash session

London Maternity Photographer | McCarthy Photography

I love maternity images that are simple and classic.  Maternity photography sessions are often overlooked because of the excitement of baby and all of the preparation that needs to be done.  Some expecting moms just don’t feel like getting in front of a camera.  Maternity sessions with McCarthy Photography are done in approx 30 mins and they are painless 🙂  I have a couple of these maternity gowns (pictured below) and some other fabric that can be used creatively for images.

The most important thing to remember a couple of hours before your session is to remove any tight clothing like socks or anything tight around the waist (anything that has an elastic band that leaves a mark on your tummy).  I always send out info to my clients to remind them of this but when I first started out I had a couple of sessions where I had to edit sock lines and tummy lines…….not fun at all 🙂  Extra editing is never fun.  It’s easy to forget about this, especially in the winter and you’d be surprised at just how much of a mark there can be from an innocent little sock 🙂


Pregnancy images with beautiful backlightingmaternity silhouettepregnant belly session

London Newborn Photography | Simple is Gorgeous

Such a beautiful little man in for his newborn photography session.  He was probably the smiliest (is that even a word) little guy I’ve ever seen.  It’s so funny when they flash those smiles……I often wonder what they are thinking at these moments 🙂  You can’t sit an edit a session like this without having a little chuckle and absolutely loving your job!!!  These setups were so simple and timeless.  A little pop of colour can go a long way and black and white images never go out of style.

I really love the texture that a faux fur or flokati adds to the image.  It’s so soft and is a great contrast to the smooth skin of a little on.   I often get asked what I spend the most time on during a session and my answer is always the same……….getting the exposure correct in camera.  It’s so important and much easier to edit images later when the exposure is spot on.  I find it also makes skin look nice and creamy when the exposure is right.  If you underexpose the skin is much more difficult to edit.  Take your time and get it right in camera.

Booking your newborn photography session

If you are looking for a newborn photography session in the London area, please email us at info@mccarthyphotography.ca for availability.

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London Baby Photographer | Handsome Baby Boy

I get so many requests for the hanging pose and its such a favorite on most baby photographer lists.  I love how newborns look so snuggled and cozy in this pose.  Baby safety is always a number on priority so please note that this is a composite image, meaning that there is more that one shot done and the parents hands are editing out.  Baby is always supported by a parent, never left hanging like the final image.

Be sure to email me to get on my list of expecting moms, this way I can save a spot for your newborn session.  I do try to accommodate last minute requests so please don’t hesitate to email me regarding availability.  I have been having great success with my newborn mini session package.  It’s a great value and an amazing chance to get some gorgeous professional images without breaking the bank.  Here are the details:

Newborn Mini Session $275
This is perfect for those that want a few gorgeous professional images and includes the following:
– 30-45 min studio session
– 5 digital files
(This session is not for those wanting to have parent/newborn or sibling/newborn images, only the newborn will be photographed)

McCarthy Photography is a premiere baby photographer that is located in the London, Ontario area.  If you are looking for a newborn or baby photographer, send us an email.

London Newborn & Baby Photography | Session Tips with Siblings

The most frequently asked question from parents of a newborn session is “can we do a couple of setups with their brother/sister?”  Of course we can!!!  I have a special add on for siblings at a newborn session (Just check out my pricing page for full details and current pricing).  Unfortunately I can’t photograph siblings if you are booking a mini newborn session.  With the special price of the mini newborn session and time limit, there is no opportunity for sibling setups which often take a lot of extra time.

Sibling age is important.  Siblings over 4 years old are generally pretty easy to work with.  They can take instruction well and they usually have a little patience for the process.  Sometimes it takes a little bribe but its well worth the result:)  Siblings under the age of 3 are often anxious about being around or staying still with their new baby.  Some will come in and handle a setup with no problem and will be still and smiley, while others will stomp and cry and simply not do it at all.  Unfortunately at this age there is little bribing or negotiating that will help, they have such strong minds of their own.  We just have to be patient with them and try a couple of different things to see if they will come around.

Here are some tips:

– keep calm and patient – little ones sometimes want no part in the process and are adamant about not being in a picture.  Sometimes just playing peek a boo or doing something silly to make them laugh is enough to change their mood.  If you stress out, they will clam up even more.

– Simple setups are best with simple clothing.  Like the image below there is no pressure on the older sibling to hold the baby or keep them in position.  They just have to lean down and smile.  No shirt for young siblings work well and look adorable.  If they do wear clothing, natural colours and plain are best – no strips or patterns.

– I either do these near the beginning of the session or at the very end – all depending on how soundly the newborn is sleeping when they come in.  I can usually get a feel for the baby in around 5 mins.

– It is pretty boring for a child to come to one of these sessions.  Most parents will have Mom stay here and watch baby while Dad takes the older child out for a short drive or walk.  Some parents bring books to read to their child or a movie on an ipad, and of course a snack will keep them occupied for a little while as well.

With these tips we can have a successful newborn session and you can have memories to last a lifetime.

Kilworth Newborn Photography | London Baby Session

Dreaming About Your Newborn Photography Session?

If you are like most expecting parents you have been scouring the internet since you’ve seen that positive result on your pregnancy test…first for what to expect in you’re pregnancy, then baby room decorating ideas, baby names and of course maternity and newborn photography. It’s such a special and exciting time and that tiny baby is only a newborn for such a brief moment. As a newborn photographer and a mom, I know just how important it is to capture this stage of babies life. I’ve photographed hundreds of newborns and each and every one is unique

Newborn sessions take place within the first 12 days of babies life to ensure those curly adorable sleepy poses. Newborns are best photographed without clothing as nothing really seems to fit them at first…outfits seems to bunch up around there necks and it’s difficult to pose them with restrictive clothing. I try to use simple and natural poses as well as some beautiful and whimsical select props. I’m always happy to use something special of yours to personalize the session and I’m always open to new ideas for newborn photography.

It’s important to find a photographer that matches your taste and style. All photographers are different and one may not be able to do what another one can. Carefully review sections of the website to ensure that what you see is a style that you love.

My newborn studio is a wonderful warm space in my home. I love it and the natural light is amazing. It’s the perfect spot for a newborn photography!  Check out my Pricing page for competitive session packages.

I have a couple of great maternity sessions also, a perfect way to get to know me and decide if I’m the photographer for you.  I always encourage you to check out my maternity gallery to ensure that you like my style but keep in mind that I’m always open to trying new ideas and poses.  If you have something in mine, I’m willing to help you achieve it.

newborn baby boy on posed on a wooden moom prop

Komoka Newborn PhotographerLondon Ontario Baby Photography

Newborn Photography | Preparing for your Newborn Session

Newborn Session Prep

Once you book your newborn session I will send out an email on how to prepare for the big day!  The most important thing is that both parents and baby is comfortable and relaxed.  Its amazing how much that little baby can pick up on an anxious parent.  Some parents are anxious because they thing that their baby will not sleep or that they’ll have to take a break to feed the baby.  I’ve done so many newborn sessions and I can guarantee that nothing your baby does will surprise me or make me uncomfortable.  I am so patient and totally understanding of how these little people are………if they are having trouble getting to sleep, no worries, we will ultimately win out in the end and get some great images.   If you are relaxed and comfortable, then your newborn will also be happy and relaxed.

I have the studio at a balmy 85 degrees so that the baby is warm and cozy while undressed.  If baby has a full tummy before getting in the car on the way here, then that’s half the battle.  A full tummy and a warm environment is essential to a sleepy photo ready baby.

Another important thing is to dress the baby in something that is easy to remove once your arrive here.  Something that opens from the front, not something that has to be pulled over their head.  Usually the ride will put them in a nice deep sleep and I can often undress them and have them ready to start the session without waking them up if I don’t have to pull anything over their head.

If baby takes a pacifier, please bring it as it can aid in posing if baby is drifting in and out of sleep.  It will often calm them right down if they can use it for a minute or two.


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