Newborn Session Prep

Once you book your newborn session I will send out an email on how to prepare for the big day!  The most important thing is that both parents and baby is comfortable and relaxed.  Its amazing how much that little baby can pick up on an anxious parent.  Some parents are anxious because they thing that their baby will not sleep or that they’ll have to take a break to feed the baby.  I’ve done so many newborn sessions and I can guarantee that nothing your baby does will surprise me or make me uncomfortable.  I am so patient and totally understanding of how these little people are………if they are having trouble getting to sleep, no worries, we will ultimately win out in the end and get some great images.   If you are relaxed and comfortable, then your newborn will also be happy and relaxed.

I have the studio at a balmy 85 degrees so that the baby is warm and cozy while undressed.  If baby has a full tummy before getting in the car on the way here, then that’s half the battle.  A full tummy and a warm environment is essential to a sleepy photo ready baby.

Another important thing is to dress the baby in something that is easy to remove once your arrive here.  Something that opens from the front, not something that has to be pulled over their head.  Usually the ride will put them in a nice deep sleep and I can often undress them and have them ready to start the session without waking them up if I don’t have to pull anything over their head.

If baby takes a pacifier, please bring it as it can aid in posing if baby is drifting in and out of sleep.  It will often calm them right down if they can use it for a minute or two.


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