Newborns are such a pleasure to photograph.  There isn’t a better job in the world than spending time with these wonderful new people.  I’ve been getting a fair number of requests for older babies, past the two week stage.  Ultimately newborns should be photographed under the 14 day mark in order to get those curly sleepy poses.  After this point they become more awake and less tolerant to the positions.  I do realize that life happens and sometimes its not possible to even get out of the house in the first two weeks.   The next stage that is great for a photography session is just as baby is sitting up (but before they can crawl away).  Generally between 6-8 months.  They are so wonderfully curious with gorgeous big eyes and bubbly smiles………its a great stage.newborn baby having photo session donebaby boy having photo session done in london, ontarionewborn at first photography appointmentMcCarthy Photography from London, OntarioMcCarthy photography from Woodstock ontario

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