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This squishy newborn boy was such a great little guy and so easy to pose and photograph.  I love the natural feel of the wood and was so excited that he gave us a great big smile, there’s nothing better than a baby smile.

All of my newborn sessions are different, some parents want to be in the images, some want to focus only on the newborn, some sessions are all natural colours and some are filled with colour.  Some use lots of props and some are all blanket posing.  I usually setup each session with a mixture of natural, some colour, some blanket posing and some props.  It’s a good variety and works with my natural workflow.

I always start out with baby on a blanket setup.  These are a good test to see how soundly and deeply the baby is sleeping.  Once baby is in a good deep sleep I usually move onto some prop posing.  Everything of course revolves around keeping baby happy and comfy.  Some babies love to be on their tummies while others love to be wrapped up and posed on their back, they are all so different and they all have their own comfort levels and preferences even at this young newborn age.  The important thing to remember is that they are only this small for such a limited time and newborn photography can only be done once.

The best time for baby’s first session is 10 days and under.  To check out photography pricing please visit the pricing page



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