The most frequently asked question from parents of a newborn session is “can we do a couple of setups with their brother/sister?”  Of course we can!!!  I have a special add on for siblings at a newborn session (Just check out my pricing page for full details and current pricing).  Unfortunately I can’t photograph siblings if you are booking a mini newborn session.  With the special price of the mini newborn session and time limit, there is no opportunity for sibling setups which often take a lot of extra time.

Sibling age is important.  Siblings over 4 years old are generally pretty easy to work with.  They can take instruction well and they usually have a little patience for the process.  Sometimes it takes a little bribe but its well worth the result:)  Siblings under the age of 3 are often anxious about being around or staying still with their new baby.  Some will come in and handle a setup with no problem and will be still and smiley, while others will stomp and cry and simply not do it at all.  Unfortunately at this age there is little bribing or negotiating that will help, they have such strong minds of their own.  We just have to be patient with them and try a couple of different things to see if they will come around.

Here are some tips:

– keep calm and patient – little ones sometimes want no part in the process and are adamant about not being in a picture.  Sometimes just playing peek a boo or doing something silly to make them laugh is enough to change their mood.  If you stress out, they will clam up even more.

– Simple setups are best with simple clothing.  Like the image below there is no pressure on the older sibling to hold the baby or keep them in position.  They just have to lean down and smile.  No shirt for young siblings work well and look adorable.  If they do wear clothing, natural colours and plain are best – no strips or patterns.

– I either do these near the beginning of the session or at the very end – all depending on how soundly the newborn is sleeping when they come in.  I can usually get a feel for the baby in around 5 mins.

– It is pretty boring for a child to come to one of these sessions.  Most parents will have Mom stay here and watch baby while Dad takes the older child out for a short drive or walk.  Some parents bring books to read to their child or a movie on an ipad, and of course a snack will keep them occupied for a little while as well.

With these tips we can have a successful newborn session and you can have memories to last a lifetime.

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