Newborn Sessions

There is nothing cuter than a newborn baby resting comfortably in a sling, then hand it from and branch and well you’ve got super cuteness!!  This is of course a composite image, this means that the baby is always supported by either mom or dads hands and I take multiple shots to edit and put together to achieve this look.  Baby should always be secure and safe, its a top priority.  I think the best part about this business, well aside from the adorable babies, is the creativity and the simple and comfortable props.

I like my sessions to be relaxed and comfortable for both parents and baby.  I am extremely patient and I am never in a rush when in a session.  I want mom and dad to relax and not worry whether or not the baby is sleeping, eventually the little bundle will fall into a nice deep sleep, I’m always sure that I can wait them out :).  I’ve had many sessions where mom and dad are so grateful for the extra time and patience that I put into my sessions.  I am thankful for all of the wonderful parents that trust me with their most special gift, it is something that I am proud of and I hope that comes out in the images.

I love both classic neutral images as well as colourful simple prop images.  As long as baby is comfy and looks peaceful, I am happy.

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